Types of Nursing Schools

Nurse Schools

Introductory nursing schools come in two flavors, and to simplify, they are the licensed practical nurse pathway and the registered nurse pathway. Licensed practical nurses are also sometimes called licensed vocational nurses, but it is the same profession. Also, LPNs can and do go back to school to become RNs. Confused yet?

The LPN pathway is less stringent and basically consists of going to school for two years (in some cases slightly less) where the basics of nursing are taught. Upon graduation and hiring, you will usually be underneath an RN and responsible for basic patient care while being overseen. The nursing school itself will focus on basic nursing skills including both classroom and practical in-the field experience.

Registered nurse programs are often seen at four year campuses and involve a great manner of experiences from science training in biology, physiology, pharmacology, patient care and other subjects along with practical labs that require direct interaction with patients (real and mock) and practice of medical techniques. Upon graduating from an RN program, a bachelor's degree is usually earned and the new arrival is usually hired above her or his counterpart with the LPN.

Nurse Schools

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